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probate records : 1958

This collection contains summaries of the vast majority of probate cases in England and Wales between 1858-1966. It effectively forms an index to wills and probate records for this period.

The records were created by the Probate Registry, which took control of proving wills and administrations in 1858. Before this, four different types of ecclesiastical (church) courts dealt with these cases. A Principal Probate Registry was established in London in January 1858, and several district probate registries were created around the country. From then on, the registries oversaw all grants of probate and letters of administration. This collection is the Calendar of these grants.

The Calendar is separated into a different volume for each year. The entries in each volume are then alphabetised by surname. Information varies across different entries, but each typically includes:

  • Probate date
  • Full name of the deceased
  • Death date
  • Death place
  • Registry where issued

For more information, please visit the Probate Registry's website.


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SourceEngland & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966
Name Agnes Bramble 
Place of Probate Winchester, Hampshire, England
Date of Probate 13th May 1958
Effects £159 6s. 10d.
Entry GINGELL Agnes of 18 Bibury Road Swindon Wiltshire (wife of Henry Gingell) died 21 January 1958 at Roundway Hospital Devizes Wiltshire Administration Winchester 13 May to the said Henry Gingell machine setter. Effects £159 6s. 10d.
Name Agnes Sarah Ilott 
Place of Probate Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
Date of Probate 10th June 1958
Effects £1,247 4s. 4d.
Entry GINGELL Agnes Sarah of Sunnyside Farm Iron Acton Gloucestershire widow died 16 December 1957 at Cossham Memorial Hospital Bristol Probate Gloucester 10 June to Edna Agnes Thurston Garrett (wife of Norman Alexander Garrett) and Bertha Nellie Eileen Pateman (wife of Thomas Charles John Pateman). Effects £1247 4s. 4d.
Name Alice Small 
Place of Probate Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Date of Probate 22nd October 1958
Effects £1,780 7s. 11d.
Entry GINGELL Alice of 11 Thornbank Place Bath widow died 27 September 1958 Probate Bristol 22 October to Winifred Nellie Gingell spinster. Effects £1780 7s. 11d.
Name Charlotte Tudor 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 29th January 1958
Effects £526 6s. 7d.
Entry GINGELL Charlotte of 248 Avery Hill Road London S.E.9 widow died 21 December 1957 at Queen Marys Hospital Sidcup Kent Administration London 29 January to Charles William Thomas Gingell toolmaker. Effects £526 6s. 7d.
Name Charlotte Caroline Barber 
Place of Probate Winchester, Hampshire, England
Date of Probate 1st August 1958
Effects £602 13s. 10d.
Entry GINGELL Charlotte Caroline of 33 Spa Road Melksham Wiltshire (wife of Alfred Edward Gingell) died 5 June 1958 at The Melksham Hospital Melksham Probate Winchester 1 August to the said Alfred Edward Gingell retired rubber worker. Effects £602 13s. 10d.
Name Dorothy Lizzie Pyle 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 27th May 1958
Effects £5,255 11s.
Entry GINGELL Dorothy Lizzie of Mabrouk Winterhill Way Burpham Guildford widow died 26 February 1958 Probate London 27 May to Martins Bank Limited. Effects £5255 11s.
Name Florence Beatrice Buckingham 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 12th December 1958
Effects £152 7s. 3d.
Entry GINGELL Florence Beatrice of 151 Dale Street Chatham widow died 23 September 1958 at St. Bartholomews Hospital Rochester Administration London 12 December to Katherine Beatrice Forshew married woman. Effects £152 7s. 3d.
Name George Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 12th August 1958
Effects £353 1s. 7d.
Entry GINGELL George of 132 Halton Mansions London N.1 died 9 July 1958 at Tolmers Park Hospital Newgate Street Cuffley Hertfordshire Administration London 12 August to Rose Louisa Gingell widow. Effects £353 1s. 7d.
Name George Arthur Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 13th February 1958
Effects £831 12s. 4d.
Entry GINGELL George Arthur of 4 Rectory Cottages Overstrand Norfolk died 31 August 1954 at Cromer and District Hospital Cromer Norfolk Administration London 13 February to Ivy Daisy Gingell widow. Effects £831 12s. 4d.
Name Harold William Robert Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 24th October 1958
Effects £1,855 16s. 11d.
Entry GINGELL Harold William Robert of 34 Escreet Grove London S.E.18 died 13 May 1958 at Miller General Hospital Greenwich London Administration London 24 October to Claudenia Anne Gingell widow. Effects £1855 16s. 11d.
Name Jessie Louisa Edser 
Place of Probate Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Date of Probate 22nd October 1958
Effects £1,029 0s. 10d.
Entry GINGELL Jessie Louisa of 4 Dalmeny Road Carshalton Surrey widow died 20 December 1957 at St. Helens Hospital Carshalton Probate Birmingham 24 March to Jessie Louisa Smith married woman. Effects £1029 0s. 10d.
Name Mary Hawkins 
Place of Probate Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Date of Probate 3rd February 1958
Effects £365 16s. 8d.
Entry GINGELL Mary of 11 Granville Street Barton Hill Bristol 5 widow died 24 December 1957 Probate Bristol 3 February to William Stephen Davis city missloner. Effects £365 16s. 8d.
Name Mary Dinah Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 7th May 1958
Effects £4,073 7s.
Entry GINGELL Mary Dinah of 12 Park Place Ashton Keynes Wiltshire spinster died 31 March 1958 at Swindon Hospital Wiltshire Probate London 7 May to Raymond Gingell retired clerk of works. Effects £4073 7s.
Name William John Gingell 
Place of Probate Lewes, Sussex, England
Date of Probate 6th October 1958
Effects £179 10s. 3d.
Entry GINGELL William John of 1 Pollards Cottage St. Johns Road Tunbridge Wells died 9 June 1958 at Pembury Hospital Pembury Kent Probate Lewes 6 October to Kate Jane Gingell widow. Effects £179 10s. 3d.
Reference ID PROB1958


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