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probate records : 1932

This collection contains summaries of the vast majority of probate cases in England and Wales between 1858-1966. It effectively forms an index to wills and probate records for this period.

The records were created by the Probate Registry, which took control of proving wills and administrations in 1858. Before this, four different types of ecclesiastical (church) courts dealt with these cases. A Principal Probate Registry was established in London in January 1858, and several district probate registries were created around the country. From then on, the registries oversaw all grants of probate and letters of administration. This collection is the Calendar of these grants.

The Calendar is separated into a different volume for each year. The entries in each volume are then alphabetised by surname. Information varies across different entries, but each typically includes:

  • Probate date
  • Full name of the deceased
  • Death date
  • Death place
  • Registry where issued

For more information, please visit the Probate Registry's website.


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SourceEngland & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966
Name Charles William Thomas Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 11th June 1932
Effects £267 7s.
Entry GINGELL Charles William Thomas of 30 Parkham-street Battersea Surrey died 22 March 1932 at St. Thomas Hospital Lambeth Surrey Administration London 11 June to Charlotte Gingell widow. Effects £267 7s.
Name John James Gingell 
Place of Probate Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Date of Probate 12th July 1932
Effects £493
Entry GINGELL John James of 16 Marston-road Knowle Bristol died 9 May 1932 Probate Birmingham 12 July to Annie Jane Gingell widow. Effects £493.
Name Thomas Fry Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 22nd January 1932
Effects £151 11s.
Entry GINGELL Thomas Fry of Godsell-cottages Foxham Wiltshire died 25 December 1931 Administration London 22 January to Helena Gingell widow. Effects £151 11s.
Name William Henry Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 5th March 1932
Effects £2,076 13s. 6d.
Entry GINGELL William Henry of 8 East-parade Leeds died 1 February 1932 at 33 Victoria-avenue Harrogate Probate London 5 March to John Frederick Lonsdale solicitor and Alfred Charles Nash esquire. Effects £2076 13s. 6d.
Name William Henry Gingell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 8th November 1932
Effects £560
Entry GINGELL William Henry of 13 Thorne-road Lambeth Surrey died 6 June 1932 at the London Hospital Whitechapel-road Middlesex Probate London 8 November to Alice Gingell widow and Charles Herbert Baigent nurseryman. Effects £560.
Name Elizabeth Ellen Holden 
Place of Probate York, Yorkshire, England
Date of Probate 29th December 1932
Effects £5,187 19s. 5d.
Entry GYNGELL Elizabeth Ellen of 26 Gordon-street Scarborough (wife of Walter John Joseph Gyngell) died 24 September 1932 Probate York 29 December to the said Walter John Joseph Gyngell gentleman Ada Gertrude Young (wife of Herbert Arthur Young) Ellen Maud O'Dell (wife of Patrick O'Dell) and the Public Trustee. Effects £4642 19s. 5d. Resworn £5187 19s. 5d.
Name Thomas Whiting Gyngell 
Place of Probate London, England
Date of Probate 16th August 1932
Effects £6,759 9s. 1d.
Entry GYNGELL Thomas Whiting of 15 Queens-road Reading died 21 June 1932 Probate London 16 August to Emily Ellen Gyngell widow. Effects £6759 9s. 1d.
Reference ID PROB1932


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