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Welcome to the guestbook. While some people have just said, "Hello", others are looking for relatives either living or past away.

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Phil Nichols
8th November 2017

Along with two colleagues, I'm compiling a book on Somerset photographers 1841-1939. Although most of the photographers included are listed in directories of the period, we've also included other photographers named in newspaper articles, and those for whom we've collected photos taken by them. We have a cabinet card image (estimated date about 1905), with a stamp on the reverse "G Gyngell, photographic artist". We understand the photographer to be Augustus George Gyngell (1834-1911), and, if we have dated the photo correctly, it would be during his time at Woodcock Street, Castle Cary, Somerset. We've created a timeline for him, (as well as for the other 785 photographers we're researching), which includes biographical information, census data, and newspaper reports : the first report we've traced for AGG was in 1844 as an intrepid 8 year old "the child with the iron nerve" ! If anyone on the list knows of any interesting background stories on Augustus George Gyngell, I'd be fascinated to hear from you with many thanks. Phil Nichols.

Louis Puente
19th July 2017

Hello, we have obtained a clock with an inscription that reads, G. H. Gingell, R.E. Corps of 1st. P.O.W.S. & Miners 1906. We are curious to learn anything about this person. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you.

Robert N. Crossley
21st May 2017

Thank you to everyone for all the hard work that's gone into this. I've enjoyed following all the links and finding out about my ancestry. My grandmother was Nellie Elizabeth Gingell (married to Ernest S. Tucker; lived in Wootton Bassett).

Myra Ryan
26th December 2016

I still haven't been able to find any information on Ann Watts (Anna Watts) who married Richard Gingel (Richard Gingell) 1768 Grittleton. I would love to find her birth details. If anyone can help please get in touch. Thanks Myra.

Claire Morgans
12th July 2016

Hiya.. I am Florence Gingell's grand-daughter. My father is David L. Morgans. Would love to get in touch with you. This website is amazing and I cannot wait to show my dad. Best wishes. Claire.

Helen Ann Gynell
23rd March 2016

My paternal grandfather, Arthur "Gynell" or some alternate spelling (we are unsure), lived in Hull, East Yorks. He married Florence Anne Green. They had 3 children: Barbara, Patricia, and John (my father). I am trying to find out what our family name was before Arthur changed it (shortened it, as we were told).

David Anthony Gingell
4th March 2016

I'm David Gingell born March 69 in Mitcham, now living Epsom. Hi to any family out there...

David Anthony Gingell
4th March 2016

My Dad Tony Gingell and Mum Val maiden name Bowin bro Mark and sister Susan. Big up to all Gingells the best name in the world.

Linda Rose Gingell
10th December 2015

I am looking for my son. Birth name: Anthony Lee Gingell. Born 11th September 1969 at Chatsworth House Maternity Home. Prestatyn. Clwyd. Approx adoption date: 18th September 1969.

Monica Graham
7th September 2015

I have only recently found this super website. My connection to the Gingells / Gyngell is Mary Gingell born 1835 in Lyneham, Wiltshire married Jasper Ferris also born 1835 Lyneham they were my Gt/Gt grandparents.

Micheal John Ledwith
14th May 2015

I'm Micheal John Ledwith, born 1967 and believe my Mom is Annunciata Concepta Marie Ledwith (Annunciata C. M. Ledwith) remarried Gingell and lives in Ireland.

David John Hankey
6th July 2014

What a wonderful site!! My link to the Gingell family is with Susannah Gingell 1797, my 3rd great grandmother, daughter of James Gingell and Sarah Collet. Susannah went on to marry the mysterious Jacob Siverthorne. Always looking for more information. Regards, David.

George Daniel Gingell
2nd June 2014

It has been quite a while since I last visited this site. Please email me if you find anything new for our family. I am currently looking in to my mother's line Nora Ruby Randolph Gingell (Nora Ruby Randolph). I am the only son of her first marriage to George Daniel Gingell Sr (George Daniel Gingell). About 1941. I was born 26th March 1942.

Linda Werrett
28th May 2014

Hi, just happened across the Gingell website and wanted to say what a fabulous resource! My mother was Eileen M. J. Gingell of Cwmbran area South Wales UK dob 1925 and beyond her Dad Edwin John Gingell, I knew very little. Brings a lump to my throat to know their memory is being kept alive this way. Thanks Craig Gingell!

Kim E. Gingell
20th March 2014

I am trying to find out details about my late grandfather George Raymond Gingell of Huntingdon. I see from this website that he died in 1989, has anyone else got any more information? Thanks :)

Joyce Gingell
9th October 2013

I am attempting to locate my niece, Nicole J. Gingell Thisse, (nee Nicole Jean Gingell) last known (early 2008) to live in the Martinsburg, New York area. Please have her contact me through my page on I have important family information to pass to her.

Mary Webb
9th August 2013

I was interested in Craig Gingell's pic of Gingells Farm Road as we live at Gingells Farm. I have been led to believe that the name came about as a family of Gingells lived here (not sure when though). I also noted Ann Gingell with her connection to Siston (Syston) which is near to here. Any further info welcomed.

Kay Bridgeman
12th March 2013

Hi. I am researching Bridgeman in Christian Malford and have a marriage between my relative John Bridgeman and Elizabeth Gingell in 1784 - as there is an Elizabeth born in 1764 an it appears to be in Christian Malford. From your records I note her father was an Agricultural Labourer so was John Bridgeman. - Very interesting and informative sight. Incidentally. if you are able to confirm my findings, please let me know as there are records in the Census on here but not for a marriage... I found that by trawling through marriages on another site. Thanks.

Kathi Haslam-Murray
5th March 2013

My 7th Great-Grand Aunt was Martha Goodship, married to John Gingell in 1766. I am happy to have found this site while searching the Gingell name! Thank you!

Robyn Lee Turner
27th January 2013

My grandparents were Lawrence Cunningham Gingell and Clara B. .... My parents Agnes Lee Gingell and Ralph Roland Turner. I would like to re-connect with my cousins of Loring (Loring Earl Gingell) and Bette Gingell (Elizabeth Virginia Ehle). Please contact me.

Geoffrey Michael Roberts
9th May 2012

Ettie Maud Gingell was my grandmother. She was brought up in the Grenadier Guards Officers school in London (although I believe great grandad was not an officer this was arranged for family reasons), sat on the knee of Queen Victoria and received a silver sixpence from her. When the time came to leave school she went "below stairs" with many of her school friends marrying above stairs. It's great to know that the Gingell tree not only goes so far back but also is alive and well today.

Sharon Isley Herzig
27th March 2012

Isley, James "Father" Jan. 19, 1842 Leonbridge, England - Apr. 19, 1928 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Phillip Isley. Wife; Mary D. Isley
Isley, Louise, " Mother" wife of James Oct. 16, 1840 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England - Oct. 26, 1918 Waverly, N.Y. Dau. of James and Sarah Oatley Gyngell
Isley, Willard R. 1864 Trowbridge, England - Nov. 18, 1935 Waverly, N.Y. at 71 yrs., 7mos., of " Coronary occlusion" ( W.C.C.)
Isley, William R. Mar. 20, 1864 Cambridge, England - Nov. 8, 1935 Waverly, N.Y. Son of Jaems and Louise Gyngell Isley. Wife; Addie Douglas

Sara Sheppard
13th January 2012

My great grandmother was Emily Louise Gingell who married Stephen Stinchcomb in the late 1800s and lived in Hawkesbury Upton in Gloucestershire. This is a fascinating website and I thought Gingell was an unusual name - it appears not!

Herbert Lee Gingell
9th January 2012

Hello all Gingells wherever you are.

Patricia Eaton Franklin
27th January 2011

Hello. I am the niece of the late Vera Phyllis Gingell, wife of my late Uncle William Franklin Moyer. Aunt Vera was a lovely, sweet woman, with a tender air about her. She lived with my uncle in Ashley, PA, a tiny, mining town nestled in the mountains. Uncle William and she never had children of their own, but they welcomed me and my brothers with open arms. Despite our high energy, she trusted us with the good china, and that brought out our best behavior. The house, which had been in our family since 1906, was only let go after Vera passed. Vera was our favorite. We all miss her.

Barbara Marian Gingell
9th January 2011

I'm the daughter of Norman Gingell and Marian Gingell (Taylor). Norman was born in Cheltenham, England on Oct. 3, 1901 to Samuel Edmund Gingell (12/16/1861) and his wife, Emily Gingell (James). In addition to my Dad, there were 7 other children namely...William Samuel, Alexander Reginald, Alfred Henry, Grace Amelia, Archie George, Ida Emily and May. All but Archie and May relocated to the USA. Any information about these family members, their children, etc. would be appreciated! Thanks and Happy 2011.

Raymond Francis Bird
31st December 2010

Have only recently gone on the internet at home, hence discovering this great site on the Gingell's - my congratulations to Craig and all concerned. In particular I love seeing the old photos and reading those extra snippets of info that puts a bit of "flesh on the bone" on that persons life. Anyhow while pressing little buttons here and gadgets there, (yes I am new to this internet lark on my own) I stumbled upon this guest list column, so thought I would say hello - Hello all you Gingells!! My own connection to the clan is via my grandmother Emily Gingell that married a Reg Bird. I had intended to ask a serious question but think I have gone "on a bit" so will leave that for another day, plus it's New years eve and time to get washed and changed and off to the pub. Happy new year to you all. Raymond Bird.

Brian Walker
25th November 2010

Hello. Great site, I'm descended from Edith Gingell 1800 and Thomas Curtis through their son William. Brian.

Teresa Petrina Gingell
21st September 2010

Hi. I am searching my family tree on the Gingell's. My grand parents were Victor Howard George Gingell and Doris Elizabeth Mary Woodrow. My great grand parents were Charles Henry Farmer Gingell and Hebe Jane Perry. My great, great, great, grand parents were Mark Gingell and Sarah Farmer. I am wondering if there is anyone who could be related and have any photos of my ancesters. I have very few and it would be wonderful to see some. I would be grateful for any contact.

Victoria Rose
6th September 2010

I am a descendent of Caroline Gingell and Charles Rose. Their son, Matthew Rose is my great-great grandfather.

Linda Dowman
17th July 2010

I seem unable to go any further back than Tom Amore who was married to Dinah Gingell. I am realy interested in the Amore side.

Robert Hunt
14th July 2010

I am looking for information about George Rust, a resident of Kohimarama. Auckland in the 1860s. He had three daughters and they were tutored by Harriette Ward in Auckland. Rust moved over to the North Shore in Auckland in the 1870s. He was a cattle inspector in Auckland. Any information will be welcomed. Rob.

John William Gingell
14th May 2010

To all the Gingells out there particularly those who are former Royal Marines or are in any way associated with the Corps, I and 6 other former Royal Marines of the North Devon Royal Marines Association will be undertaking the West Highland Way walk a distance of 95 miles to raise funds for Royal Marines Charities. There is a Charity web site at which explains in more detail what we are about. Each memeber has their own page where on line donations can be made and any comments made. All donations however small will be thankfully received and faithfully applied, if you feel this is a just cause and worthy of your support please log on. Thanks in anticipation. John Gingell

Cheryl Melloy
1st May 2010

WOW what a wonderful site. I've traced my great gran now on here and also her cousins and all manner. I only wish I could have done it sooner thank you to everyone who works on here and good luck to all you Gingells everywhere and your descendants... Cheryl.

Marion Gingell
13th April 2010

Does anyone know of an Alan Gingell born in the 40's, prob in London or Kent to a Charles Henry Gingell and his then wife Bobbi ....

Sheena Ottowell
7th April 2010

Hi, I'm trying to trace Michelle and Marie Gingell, they are the daughters of Janet Gingell formally Wright. I know they come from Devizes, Wiltshire and would be most grateful for any info at all thanks so much.

Brian Townsend
2nd April 2010

You are to be complimented on your great site. I have found a whole load of relatives, albeit distant, across the pond in Canada! Thank you. Brian.

Vincent Hart
16th March 2010

My Mother-in-law was Laura Frances Gingell, daughter of Alfred Gingell and Emily Kate Webb of 2, Velley Hill, Box, Wiltshire. Have just found this website and am very impressed. I have copies of a couple of photos from Ray Coadwell, plus others of the Gingell family. Laura Frances Gingell (usually known as Frances) was wife of Percy William Pearce and I married their daughter Thelma Diana Pearce in 1954.

Patti Gingell
14th February 2010

My sister Sally sent me this website. Every Olympics she tries to find more information about our grandfather, Arthur Gingell married to Ellen. Arthur won the bronze medal in 1908 olympics in boxing/ wrestling. Grandpa Arthur died before any of us (4 grandchildren) were born. If you have any information please contact Patti.

Sally Eileen Berry
26th December 2009

I live in California. My great-great grandmother was Lucy Ody Gingell (b. 1817, d. 1891, Willesley, Wiltshire), born to Benjamin Gingell (b. 1767 d 1847) and Martha Ody, b. 1777 Sherston, d 1851). Children were Ann Gingell, Lucy Ody Gingell, Mary Gingell, Harriet Gingell. Lucy Ody Gingell married Isaac Berry, b. Sherston Magna 1809 and they had Benjamin Gingell Berry (my great-grandfather), George Berry, William Isaac Berry, Martin Berry, Albert Berry, Martha Berry, Sidney Berry. This is family tree info I learned from Pauline Berry of Painswick, Gloucestershire this summer while visiting my grandfather's birthplace (he was Albert Edward Berry who emigrated to Can.). I was trying to see if I could find out who Benjamin Gingell's (b 1767) parent's were and anything farther back if possible.

Sherrill Plumridge
12th December 2009

I have relations on my husbands side that I am having difficulty finding on any census records. Janet Gingell born Aug 7 1871 (possibly in Wroughton) and Anna Gingell who married a Richard House 6/7/1872. Has anyone any information on them. These dates came from handwritten records handed down the family. Regards Sherrill.

Norman Ardin
19th November 2009

Just found this site could not believe it when I saw the Ardin name. Have no idea who they are as have never known anybody in the family mention relitives outside of the Midlands area, at the age of 73 bit late to start finding out but glad to know they exist.

Linda Jeffery
22nd October 2009

Interesting website! I have just found out that my husband's aunt Joan Eileen Jeffery married a Roy Frederick Gingell around 1944. He was wearing a uniform - army? - at their wedding. They had a son called Alan Michael Gingell around 1945. Then unfortunately Joan Gingell died on 1/12/1948, aged 27, and is buried at Hither Green Cemetery in SW London. I believe Alan Gingell, the son, who was looked after by his maternal grandmother Dolly Osborne in Tollesbury in Essex after his mother's death, was also killed in 1966 (perhaps a motorcycle accident?). If there is anyone out there that recognizes this Roy Gingell, who may have remarried, I would be grateful for any information at all as this aunt was a complete mystery. Thank you. Linda (in Sydney, Australia).

Linda Dowman
15th October 2009

I have just discovered that my family are decended from the Gingells and have traced them back to William Gingell in 1705 at Lyneham, Wiltshire.

Deborah Jane Burton
16th September 2009

What a fantastic website!. Only just discovered it. I now live in Australia, but have many fond memories of my childhood in Chippenham and Calne. Regards, Deborah.

Linda Rose Gingell
11th September 2009

Looking for my son birth name Anthony Lee Gingell born Oct 1969 in Prestatyn, Flintshire, Wales.

Karen Frazie
1st September 2009

I found this site once, and couldn't find it again... and have once again found it. I am not from this family, but my partner is, Jon Felker. I know this site will help him in knowing his roots.

Richard Michael Gingell
20th July 2009

I have three lovely children Richard Michael Gingell, Jr, Katherine Amanda Gingell and Alexander David Gingell who live with their mum in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. I live with my wife, Cori ... and two step sons, James ... and Harry ..., in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and am working as a Transit Operator.

Alan Blake
29th June 2009

On my wife's mother's side of the family we have an Ann Rebecca Dorey who married a Frederick Joseph Gingell on the 15th July 1889. We have a photo dated from before the war which has this family in it.

Merilyn Pedrick
21st June 2009

Hello, I'm looking for Edward Pegler born 1852 in Cromhall, Gloucestershire who became the headmaster of Kurseong School in India, and died in Cheltenham, Glos. in 1909. Would love to know his ancestry. Best wishes, Merilyn Pedrick, Aldgate, South Australia.

Lorraine Snook
16th June 2009

Alfred Thomas Gyngell was a family relative, who married Elizabeth Wise, my great great aunt. Absolutely amazing that there are hundreds of Gyngells and helps me with my family tree research.

Karen Whyte
4th June 2009

Hello everyone, I have a Louisa Gingell in my tree born: c1856 St George, Bristol, who married Samuel Robert Flook Phipps in 1881 Bristol. (Samuel was the Brother of my G.G.Grandfather Henry PHIPPS). They are recorded together on the 1881/91/1901 census together - but I can't find her on the 1861/71, so therefor haven't got a clue who her Father or family were? I know her and Samuel were landlords of The Cross Keys Pub in Moravian Road Kingswood from 1901-1906. She's a mystery to me, so with a bit of luck one of you may be able to shed some light on her story?

Heather Wurz
6th April 2009

I was just wondering if anyone knew any info on a baby girl born in between 1963 - 1965 Possible birth name as Elizabeth Ann Gingell or Heather Rose Gingell. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is my sister that was put up for adoption at birth. Her birth parents are Susan Slater (Gingell) and Rick Gavel. Please contact me if you have any possible info.

UPDATE : 15th January 2016 : I would like to update my post. My sister Tracey has been reunited with me and my siblings.

Jennifer Anne Rankin
20th March 2009

I always knew of my Great Grandfather as William Smith but a family story told that he was born a Gingell but ran away from home and took the name Smith (reason unknown). After many months of searching I got a BIG clue from the 1911 census which told me he was born in Longhope, Gloucestershire. I followed that road and recently acquired his death certificate which states "William Gingell known as William Smith".

William Gingell was born 23rd September 1854 to William and Elizabeth (nee Jones).

In 1871 he (as Gingell) lived with his Aunt Elizabeth who was married to Robert Smith. I then lose William until his marriage to Emily Husbands on 16th July 1894 in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. At this point he (as Smith) was already living in Mickleover, Derby and working as a Platelayer, probably for the Great Northern Railway. He lived and worked in Derby as William Smith until his death on 14th June 1925.

I have got as far back as William's Grandfather, Joseph Gingell, born 1801 in Standish - living in Longhope in 1841.

I would love to go further back and to fill in the missing 23 years for William Gingell/Smith.

Would appreciate any help.

Phyllis Laird
16th March 2009

Thank you so much for giving us this bit of history, Sarah Ann Clothier Gingell, is my Great Grandmother, my Grandfather is Stephen John Miller.

Rhonda Ragan Shuck
20th February 2009

My great great great grandmother was Sarah Ann Clothier Gingell. I was so excited to find this website. THANK YOU so much for the wonderful story. I would have never known any of this information if I had not accidently came upon this website. It is truly a gift from God. Thank you again!

Sherrill Plumridge
27th January 2009

Hi. Just found out that my husband's great grandma was a Janet Gengell/Gengyll and was born in Wroughton, Wiltshire about 1872. Does anyone have any info on her family. I am really struggling to find anyone on census with this name?

Diane Karen Evans
8th January 2009

Just popped on to say hello. Same old story. Check out my info. Lots of love and happy new year to everyone.

Linda Rose Gingell
19th December 2008

Just dropped in to say hello and ask you to add me to your list please. I was born in Birmingham in 1952, 1 of 6 children of Alfred Rolf Gingell born 1923.

Sophie Wink
9th November 2008

Hello Shais Gingell. If you are reading this please get in contact with your daughter Andrea Shirley Nieves Gingell.

31st October 2008

Hi, I am looking for a Clive Gingell probably aged late 50's early 60's lived in Bristol about 1970, can anyone help please. Many thanks.

Perree Linda Clayton
23rd October 2008

Hi, I am a decendant of Lancelot Henry Patmore and Amy Eileen Rose. I am searching for any information on the Rose Family. My uncle (Colin Patmore) started searching and is now deceased and I wish to follow on with his research any information would be greatfully accepted. I hope there is some relatives out there who can assist me in keeping my uncle's wish going. Thanking you. Mychel (birth name Perree Linda Clayton).

14th September 2008

Great site. Hi I am looking for any Butlers living in Bunnies Lane, Rowde during 1944. Thanks.

Rhonda Lee Dayton
19th August 2008

I'm always looking for my family. Would love to hear from you. Sarah Ann Clothier Gingell and Charles James Miller are my great great grandparents.

Michelle Gingell
10th August 2008

Hi Joyce Gingell, I live in Connecticut but most of my known relatives come from Rhode Island and before that England, still trying to trace my roots there, but I am amazed at how many Gingell's are around that we never knew, I was born in 1957 my father was Roland William Gingell, II Jr, his father Roland William Gingell, I Sr, and his father Albert George Gingell. If you look on his or my name you can find the family tree and see if you note any connection anywhere, it's like the web page says we are all related somehow I look forward to hearing from you. Michelle.

Joyce Gingell
4th August 2008

Welcome, Brittney Nicole Gingell and Michelle Gingell. Isn't a fantastic site? Big kudos to Craig Mark Peter Gingell for starting and maintaining this wealth of information. It's always nice to hear from other "family" members!! I was born (1949) in Northern Virginia, where I still live, daughter of Robert Mortimer Gingell. Feel free to visit our entries and look around. Brittney Nicole Gingell, where and when is your Gingell reunion usually held? I'm not sure where you're located.

Michelle Gingell
4th August 2008

Hi Brittney Nicole Gingell I too am a Gingell, we come from Rhode Island but I now live in Connecticut, my father was Roland William Gingell, II Jr, go to the web site and look him up and see if there are any matches familiar to you email me and let me know if we connect anywhere.

Brittney Nicole Gingell
1st August 2008

My name is Brittney Gingell I am 20 years old. I am just wondering if I wondering if I will be able to find any of my old ancestors on here we have a Gingell reunion once a year and would like to welcome all the Gingells to it i think it would be wonderful to see how we all connect to be one family. I am born from Deborah Leigh Gingell the children of Joseph Clement Gingell, Sr from Baltimore, Maryland, with the aunts of Ann Marie Gingell and Patricia Anne Gingell and uncle of Joseph Clement Gingell, Jr 2nd. There are many more of us I have 7 sisters and 2 brothers and around about of 15 cousins and 10 neices and nephews. Please contact me if you think you fit well in this family and are a true Gingell family member would always be nice to get us all together and talk about how our ancestors make us the way we are one big Gingell family tree and one big Gingell Pride.

Elaine Exton
27th June 2008

Hi everyone. please bear with me, this is quite long , but any bit of this may jog someone's memory, that's what I'm hoping. I'm looking for Patrica Thompson nee Patricia J. Denham born Edmonton, Middlesex in 1950, her father was William Denham a director at some Electro plating company, maybe around Edmonton in the 1940s and 1950s. Her mother was Mary Elizabeth Gingell born 1914 Wandsworth, she was the daughter of John George Gingell. On Mary Elizabeth Gingell's first marriage in 1934 to Edward Young, her father John George Gingell gave his occupation as groundsman. Mary Elizabeth Gingell was living at 157, Atheldene Road, Earlsfield, in the parish of Wandsworth in 1934. I do not know when she divorced, but in 1950 she had Patricia J. Denham at 85 Town Road, Edmonton, and then in 1951 had a son Ian William Denham, who was put up for adoption about a year later. Any information will be special. Thank you for reading this. Regards Elaine.

Sarah Horne
5th April 2008

Does anyone know anything about John Gingel who married Ann Drew on 23 April 1753 in Rowde?

Paul Young
4th April 2008

I'm trying to get in touch with Heidi Gingell who moved to Ireland in 1971 with her father Dilwyn Gingell, mother Zita (Annunciata C. M. Ledwith) and sister Lynne Suzette Gingell. My father Ken was Heidi's grandmother Maud's nephew. She has been looking for relatives in England and I have compiled a family tree which she may be interested in. Thanks. Paul.

Vicki Spencer
2nd March 2008

Looking for living relatives of Olive Humphries and Roland Jack Gingell (aka Jack), who used to live in Bromham, who's children were Melville J. Gingell, Melveena R. Gingell and Marla D. Gingell?

Glyn Willmoth
5th February 2008

Hi everybody, sad news Mable Gyngell (nee Mabel Smallman) died aged 99 on the 03/02/08 at 10.00pm New Zealand time on the South Island in a nursing home her daughter Shelia at her bedside.

Heather Wheeler
2nd January 2008

My father was born in Pocatello, Idaho November 1950 and adopted the same year. He has since passed and the only remaining decendents are my sister and I. I found a copy of the adoption papers and the mother's name can not be read but the last name is Gingell. Does anyone have any info for me or know where I can get more info on the family? I would really appriciate it!

UPDATE: I found my Father's real Mother's name. Her name is Jo Ann Gingell. Does anyone have any information?

Liz Young
28th December 2007

Hi! I am trying to find George Gingell who married my Great Grandmother about 1900. They lived at Quemerford Common, Calne and later at 104, Anchor Road, Calne. We believe that he was killed in the first World War. They appear on the 1901 Census as George Gingell 33 and Bertha Taylor 40. Thanks.

19th December 2007

Hello to all Gingells and descendants. I am trying to find some info about Eliza Jane Gingell (nee Eliza Jane Smith) born in Shepherds' Shore, Wiltshire about 1860 married to Charles Gingell, and also Mary Ann Gingell (nee Mary Ann Stevens) born around 1823. The family lived in Walcot area of Bath for generations. Great site, I have found quite a lot of info here.

Roan Gingell
2nd December 2007

I have been searching for my birth family for many years now. If you know of anyone who might know of their location please contact me.

Al Finkenhagen
29th November 2007

Hello Craig. Thought I better answer your invite as YOU ARE DOING A HELL OF A JOB. I have a few pictures grandpa, grandma (Arthur and Alice) and great grandfather and mother (Walter and Mary) Gingell so will try to get them entered shortly. By the way I live at Dewberry, Alberta. 780-847-2693 Al

22nd November 2007

Interested in hearing from anyone that may have Betty Gingel baptised 22/3/1732/3 in Cirencester, daughter of Edward in their tree. Betty Gingel married 1st James ARIS, baker, 1756 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. She married 2nd Jarvice White 1760 in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Has been known locally ever since as 'Betty White of Banbury Cake Fame'. Banbury cakes are known of the world over - always associated with Betty White (nee Gingel). Angela.

7th November 2007

Looking for information on the parents of Frank Charles Gingell born 22 Jan 1908 in Islington, London. He married Mary Agnes Torkildsen in 1937 in Romford, Essex. Any help would be appreciated.

Glyn Willmoth
6th November 2007

Hi Gyngells. William Gyngell (Bill) was my Grandfather born 1913 lived in Portobello Road in London, was married to Mabel Smallman who is now 99 years old and lives in New Zealand with my mother Sheila Morgan. That's all I know, other than he had a son Francis William Gyngell. Thanks Glyn

Andy Foyle
5th November 2007

I'm reposting this message from February 2005, in case anyone has new information. W.B. Gingell, Architect, of Bristol. Can anyone throw any more light on William Gingell (1819-1900)? He was born in St Pancras, London, trained as an architect in Bath in the 1840s, and was in practice in Bristol from about 1852 almost up to his death. He was one of the most prolific architects in Bristol in the 19th century. Bristol General Hospital (1852) and the wonderful Lloyds Bank, Corn Street (1854-7) survive, along with much else. There are a couple of references to him on this site - but can any local Gingells claim descent? Does anyone know more? According to the 1881 census, he had a married daughter, Sophia Stenhouse; and his 3 sisters, who lived near him, had lodging with them a nephew (Ernest B. Gingell, born c.1861). He may have been W.B.G's son. Any information would be gratefully received.

17th July 2007

Trying to connect with Gingell who fought for the Americans in Revolutionary War. His name is George Gingell and was born in Wiltshire, England in 1750. His son's name was James and James was married to Elizabeth Grinman (I have the proof of this). Their son another James was born in 1817 here. Anyone have any information? Ship documents are vague. Thank you for any nugget.

Jeremy Anderson
7th July 2007

I saw an article in 'Your Family Tree' about this website and the Gingell reunion. I haven't delved into the Gingell line in my family but I have the birth certificate for my paternal grandmother, Rhoda Diamond, who was born on 17 Feb 1869. Her father was George Diamond, a bricklayer, and her mother was Elizabeth Diamond formerly Elizabeth Gingell. The place of birth and residence was at 2 Artichoke Hill in the District of St George in the East, in the East End of London, very close to the docks. This is all I know about my tenuous link to the Gingells - does anybody know anything about Elizabeth Gingell ? Any information would be appreciated.

Neil Gingell
3rd June 2007

Hiya. Looking for Gingells everywhere and how far back the name goes.

Karen Frame
6th April 2007

Would love to hear from anyone who knows the family.

Robert Clive Gingell
14th March 2007

Some time ago I sought help in tracing my grandfather (my grandmother was Francis Florence Gingell). I have since learned of a dastardly tale! It seems that the then Lord Methuen (a certain field marshall no less) was a wicked old goat who amused himself with the young serving girls at Corsham Court. Has any one else heard anything about this and can they add to the story. Should I be hiding my head in shame or laying siege to Corsham Court as the rightful tenant!

Rachael Hayes
9th March 2007

Does anyone have any information on Fanny Miles, born 1856 Kington St Michael? She married Joseph Davis from Marshfield in Gloucestershire and they adopted my Grandad around 1910 when he was about 5. I believe my Grandad was possibly a relatives child (maybe from the miles side of the family as his adoptive parents were in their early 50's when they took him in) Unfortunately, Fanny destroyed my Grandads birth certificate so I have no record of who he was, his adopted name was Frederick Charles Horace Davis born around 1905, possibly Hampshire area. Fanny Miles lived in Compton Dando in Somerset when she adopted/fostered my Grandad. If anyone has a child in their tree that may match this information, please contact me as I have reached a full stop in my genealogy research. Thanks From Rachael Hayes

Alan Gingell
8th March 2007

Great website thanks Craig. Trying to find family from my dad Alan Christopher Gingell to his grandad Arthur Gingell and his dad William Henry Gingell. Arthur Gingell won the bronze medal for wrestling 1908 olympics. I have a photo of them with loads of medals. Most records in Bristol were burnt. Any help greatly appreciated.

Christine Audrey Anne Waite
1st March 2007

Hi can anyone help please. My 3rd & 4th great grandfathers left England in 1871, names George Gingell and Jonas Gingell on passenger and immigration lists the name is shown as GENGILL. Place Ontario, Canada. George born circa 1811. His son Jonas circa 1829.

Christine Audrey Anne Waite
1st March 2007

Hi can anyone tell me a little about the United States. I have found a Jonas Gingell married Catharine McCormic May 06 -1881 Menard County, Illinois. Where do I go next to find out what happened to them? When was the next census in the US? Any help would be appreciated many thanks. Chris

Mike Wells
28th February 2007

In my Pike family tree I have a marriage through the Wilts Marriage Licence Bonds between John Pike to Hannah Gingell of Biddestone. I believe it took place c 11 Sep 1796 and that John was christened 11 May 1767. I have nothing on Hannah though. I would be interested if anyone can throw light on this couple, descendants or/and ancestors.

Josephine D. Gingell
2nd February 2007

This site is just great. My maiden name was Gingell and my children keep it as a double barrel surname as they are proud of it. I am the daughter of Joseph Edward Gingell my sisters are called Patricia A. Gingell and Margaret C. Gingell and my brothers William Gingell and Robert Gingell (now deceased). My Grandfather was also called Joseph Edward Gingell, but this is all I know.

Joseph Galea Gingell
12th January 2007

I would like to get in touch with relatives living in the UK due that I would like to meet them. Anyone who has details and emails kindly contact me. Edward Gingell (1772-1857), Charles Gingell (1822-1862), John Baptist Edward Charles Gingell (1857-1907), William Gingell (1880-1926), John Mary Charles Rosario Gingell (1911-1969). Thanks, Joseph Galea Gingell

Louise Horne
1st January 2007

Happy New Year to everyone! I'm still trying to find the mother of Horatio Nelson Gyngell born circa 1807 in London. His father was Daniel Gyngell.

Judith Anne Gangell
9th December 2006

I have only just found out our name was previously Gingell, that was exciting news. William Gangell came to Australia on the 1st fleet. It will be fun searching your website... Thank you so much.

Brian Thomas
20th November 2006

Hello everyone, Many thanks to Craig Mark Peter Gingell who runs this site, it's helped me enormously in the search for my roots. If anyone knows of the decendants of, Fanny Louisa Gingell, born 1877 at Wroughton, or her siblings, the knowledge would be appreciated, Brian Thomas.

Thomas Aneurin Gingell
8th November 2006

Hi there, I'm Thomas Gingell, son of David Michael Gingell from Ammanford (born 1957). All credit to the founder of this website, it must have taken years of your life, but for an extremely informative website. I have learned a lot about who my family are from this, thank you very much.

Pauline Smith
5th November 2006

Hi, I am looking for a relative of Elizabeth May Gingell born circa 1899 and at the age of 10 attended the South Acton Council School. If there is anyone out there who could be related please get in touch, I would be pleased to hear from you.

Georgia Alicia Gingell
23rd September 2006

:) hello, wow, you're all my family! :)

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