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frequently asked questions

Here's a selection of frequently asked questions regarding the website and Gingell family tree.

The website was started in 1996 by Craig Gingell. The site is very much a group effort and everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute whatever information they can.
There are two ways to add information to the website. You can send an email to the webmaster, detailing the information you want to add. Alternatively, you can complete the submit info form.
Any information you can provide will be of great use to others. A good place to start is with an outline of your family lineage. Include the names of parents, siblings, partners and children and the dates and places of births, marriages and deaths. You don't have to send it all in one go. You can add, amend and update details over time. There is a good chance that at some point a connection with be made with the other Gingells in the family tree. Send an email to the webmaster.
Your privacy is of upmost importance. If there are any details you would like removed, please send an email to the webmaster.
The success of the website relies on the information being accurate and up to date. If you would like to update or correct any details about your family, please send an email to the webmaster.
If you have access to a scanner, scan your photographs in jpg format, preferably no greater than 1024x768 pixels. Then send an email to the webmaster, and you will receive further instructions on how to upload your scanned photograph.
Yes you can get your own email addresses for FREE. For further details, send an email to the webmaster.
There are a number of icons used throughout the website to signify different kinds of entries.
picture in the gallery
family tree contributor
census entry
electoral roll entry
index of births entry
name in a public record MIGHT cross reference to the family tree
name in a public record has been cross referenced to the family tree
The counties of England and Wales are shown as they were in the mid. 19th century.

please note : exact date information is only shown for events dated 100 years ago or more

the information within this website is provided in good faith, however no warranty can be made for its accuracy