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Census of England and Wales, 1901


98.58% of names have been cross referenced to family trees included on the website, and are marked thus


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  Address Registration District PRO Ref
1. Church Street,Newent Newent Rg13
2. Manor House Stroud Rg13
3. Union Street Melksham Rg13
4. St John Place Bath Rg13
5. Kidd Street Woolwich Rg13
6. Francis Street Woolwich Rg13
7. Gordon Road Medway Rg13
8. Redstocks Melksham Rg13
9. Hamilton Terrace,Otley Wharfedale Rg13
10. Disraeli Place Hunslet Rg13
11. Longmead Cheltenham Rg13
12. Emley Street Chorlton Rg13
13. Bridport Street Marylebone Rg13
14. Bradford Leigh,Several Hamlets Bradford On Avon Rg13
15. Lower Foscote Farm,Grittleton Chippenham Rg13
16. Lennox Gardens Chelsea Rg13
17. Stewarts Road Wandsworth Rg13
18. (Overden) Theescombe,Theescombe Stroud Rg13
19. Queens Road,Buckhurst Hill Epping Rg13
20. Harris's Barton Chipping Sodbury Rg13
21. Dowry Square Bristol Rg13
22. Thomas Street Bristol Rg13
23. Disbrowe Road Fulham Rg13
24. Kensal Road Kensington Rg13
25. Spencer Street St George In The East Rg13
26. Bath Road,Atworth Bradford On Avon Rg13
27. Victoria Street Swindon Rg13
28. London Road Chippenham Rg13
29. High Street Lavington Lane Devizes Rg13
30. Tell Grove,Dulwich Camberwell Rg13
31. Barsett Road Camberwell Rg13
32. Cottesmore Road Leicester Rg13
33. High Street Post Office Lane,Corsham Chippenham Rg13
34. Mann Street St Saviour Southwark Rg13
35. Alfred Place Bristol Rg13
36. Livingstone Road,Twerton Bath Rg13
37. York Street Bristol Rg13
38. Woodbine Road Bristol Rg16
39. Belgrove Terrace Gloucester Rg13
40. Pancras Square St Pancras Rg13
41. Angle Road,West Thurrock Orsett Rg13
42. Upper Westwood,Westwood Bradford On Avon Rg13
43. Whiteman Street Swindon Rg13
44. Private Residence Whitley,Whitley Melksham Rg13
45. Warwick Road Paddington Rg13
46. Grove Street Bath Rg13
47. Shobdon Court Lane,Hillhampton Leominster Rg13
48. Holly Hill Road Keynsham Rg13
49. Thombank Place Bath Rg13
50. Private House Oldland Common Keynsham Rg13
51. Jacob Street Bristol Rg13
52. Windsor Grove Bristol Rg16
53. Little Swan Lane Bristol Rg16
54. Brockridge Chipping Sodbury Rg13
55. Upper Morton,Upper Morton Thornbury Rg13
56. Victoria Nursery Cheltenham Rg13
57. Ravenscourt Avenue,London Fulham Rg13
58. Lavender Road Wandsworth Rg13
59. Morley Road Lewisham Rg13
60. Wharf Farm,Wroughton Swindon Rg13
61. Workhouse End Cricklade Rg13
62. Prospect Place,Box Chippenham Rg13
63. Oxford Road,Calne Calne Rg13
64. Beanacre,Beanacre Melksham Rg13
65. Cleeve,Seend Melksham Rg13
66. Gerrard Street Ashton Under Lyne Rg13
67. Balcarris Cheltenham Rg13
68. Barsett Road Camberwell Rg13
69. Tower Road Keynsham Rg13
70. Islington Road Bristol Rg13
71. Albion Road Hackney Rg13
72. School Lane,Town Portsmouth Rg13
73. Dover Street Swindon Rg13
74. Conway Road Cardiff Rg13
75. Heathcote Villas Brentford Rg13
76. Richmond Street Bristol Rg13
77. Ashford Villas Ongar Road,Brentwood Billericay Rg13
78. Ennersdale Road Lewisham Rg13
79. All Saints Road Clifton Bristol Rg13
80. Accommodation Road,Leeds Leeds Rg13
81. Salisbury Avenue Bristol Rg16
82. Beech Copse,Wroughton Swindon Rg13
83. High Street Cricklade Rg13
84. Hastings Road,Corsham Chippenham Rg13
85. Studley Calne Rg13
86. Court Pickford Street Birmingham Rg13
87. Hawthorn Cottage Private House Oldland Common Keynsham Rg13
88. The Plain Dursley Rg13
89. North Street Keynsham Rg13
90. Anstey's Lane Keynsham Rg13
91. Ozleworth Tetbury Rg13
92. Acklam Road Kensington Rg13
93. Southam Street Kensington Rg13
94. Morse Road Bristol Rg13
95. Hill Street Bristol Rg13
96. Royal York Villas Bristol Rg13
97. Institute Road Medway Rg13
98. Osbaldeston Road Hackney Rg13
99. Brentwood Billericay Rg13
100. Stanley Street West Ham Rg13


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