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England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1837-1915


90.77% of names have been cross referenced to family trees included on the website, and are marked thus


currently showing records 1 to 100 of 1562
  Name Registration Year Registration Quarter Registration district Inferred County Volume Page Records on Page Photo
1. ... Gyngell 1863 Jul-Aug-Sep Stourbridge Worcestershire 6c 2 Thomas Barke, George Bassett, ... Gyngell, Julia Ann Instone, Eliza Shipton, Samuel Slater
2. Aaron Gingell  1883 Apr-May-Jun Melksham Wiltshire 5a 208 Eliza Brown, Job Duck, Aaron Gingell, Ellen Wilshere
3. Aaron Gyngell  1854 Oct-Nov-Dec Clifton Gloucestershire 6a 234 William Blackburn, Aaron Gyngell, Elizabeth Perrett, Ann Pope, William Webber
4. Abigail Carey  1914 Apr-May-Jun Chippenham Wiltshire 5a 165 Abigail Carey, Ernest E Gingell, Elsie J Marshall, Henry Wilkins
5. Ada Agnes G Gyngell  1903 Jul-Aug-Sep Epping Essex 4a 745 Ada Agnes G Gyngell, Annie Catherine Nunn, Frederick William T Stickland, Frederick Arthur Testa
6. Ada Amy M Gingell 1894 Oct-Nov-Dec Shoreditch London 1c 150 Herbert Harold Cooper, Ada Amy M Gingell, Alfred Edward Platt, Alfred Edwin Platt, Amelia Slater
7. Ada Bessie Gingell  1900 Jul-Aug-Sep Melksham Wiltshire 5a 248 Albert Edward W Bull, Ada Bessie Gingell, Sarah Merrett, George Powell
8. Ada Jane Gingell  1896 Oct-Nov-Dec Malmesbury Wiltshire 5a 97 Harriett Allsopp, Ada Jane Gingell, William John Reed, John Skinner
9. Ada Louisa Gyngell  1890 Oct-Nov-Dec Tewkesbury Gloucestershire 6a 927 Ada Louisa Gyngell, Ada Louise Gyngell, Harry Hewitt
10. Ada Louise Gyngell  1890 Oct-Nov-Dec Tewkesbury Gloucestershire 6a 927 Ada Louisa Gyngell, Ada Louise Gyngell, Harry Hewitt
11. Ada Susan Gingell  1898 Jul-Aug-Sep Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 106 Jeremiah Clutterbuck, Edward Gardner, Ada Susan Gingell, Ada Susan Gingill, Sarah Sampson
12. Adelaide Gingell  1852 Apr-May-Jun St George Southwark London 1d 133 Margaret Campion, Thomas Freeman, Thomas Freeman, William George, Adelaide Gingell
13. Adelaide Gingell  1882 Jul-Aug-Sep Woolwich London 1d 1630 Adelaide Gingell, Esther Goddard, John Henry Newbery, John Edwards Phillips
14. Agnes Amelia Gingell  1896 Jan-Feb-Mar Chesterfield Derbyshire 7b 811 Herbert Brocklehurst, Agnes Amelia Gingell, James Edwin Milnes, Adelaide Jones Tyson
15. Agnes Bethia Gingell  1908 Oct-Nov-Dec Chippenham Wiltshire 5a 159 Thomas Treves Dermott, Agnes Bethia Gingell, Rachel Iles, William Tyler
16. Agnes Emma Gingell  1908 Apr-May-Jun Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 427 Esther Blanche Bartlett, Charles Bridges, Agnes Emma Gingell, Herbert Henry Williams
17. Agnes Gingell  1890 Jan-Feb-Mar Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 84 Agnes Gingell, George Hopkins, Edith Esther E Newman, Emma Partridge, Jack Williams
18. Agnes Gingell  1900 Oct-Nov-Dec St Saviour Southwark London 1d 40 Agnes Gingell, Edward James Herbert, Hannah Higginson, Frederick Wells
19. Agnes Gyngell  1854 Apr-May-Jun Worcester Worcestershire 6c 406 Emma Brass, John George, Agnes Gyngell, Charles Sier
20. Albert Dowding Gingell  1904 Jan-Feb-Mar Camberwell London 1d 996 Rebecca Stowers, Albert Dowding Gingell, Rebecca Harvey, George Percival Kefford, Martha Oakley
21. Albert Edward Gingell  1893 Oct-Nov-Dec Leicester Leicestershire 7a 446 Charlotte Margaret Downton, Albert Edward Gingell, Fanny Eliza Potterton, John William Rayson
22. Albert Edward Gingell  1898 Jan-Feb-Mar Camberwell London 1d 897 Minnie Agnes Alderton, Julia Crowe, Albert Edward Gingell, Henry Howell
23. Albert Edward Gingell  1900 Jul-Aug-Sep Leicester Leicestershire 7a 439 Alfred Samuel Alcock, Albert Edward Gingell, Cecilia Hubbard, Thelistine Jane Lavige, Thelistine Jane Savige
24. Albert Edward Gingell 1901 Jul-Aug-Sep Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 69 Albert Edward Gingell, Laura Harrill, Alfred Hendy, Mary Ann Powell
25. Albert Edward R Gingell  1907 Oct-Nov-Dec Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 185 Albert Edward R Gingell
26. Albert F Gingell  1913 Oct-Nov-Dec Calne Wiltshire 5a 177 Lucy L G Chivers, Albert F Gingell
27. Albert G Gingell  1912 Jul-Aug-Sep Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 237 Violet L Bond, Eleanor M Carpenter, Albert G Gingell, Frederick Tayler
28. Albert Gingell  1889 Jan-Feb-Mar Devizes Wiltshire 5a 151 Albert Gingell, Emma Wiltshire
29. Albert Gingell  1890 Jan-Feb-Mar Barton Regis Gloucestershire 6a 236 Hannah Jane Davies, Albert Gingell, John Peter Griffin, Emily Love
30. Albert Gyngell  1865 Apr-May-Jun Stourbridge Worcestershire 6c 225 Albert Gyngell, William Hopkins, Elizabeth Phillips, Hannah Phillips
31. Albert Henry Gingell  1896 Jul-Aug-Sep Chippenham Wiltshire 5a 141 Albert Henry Gingell, Charles Edmund Stevens, Emily Julia E Townsend, Mary Ann Weston
32. Albert J Gingell  1912 Jul-Aug-Sep Paddington London 1a 227 Mabel Burton, Thomas A Cook, Albert J Gingell, Eugenie I Stone
33. Alec Gingell  1914 Jul-Aug-Sep Keynsham Somerset 5c 1196 Jessie Cameron, Alec Gingell, Alexander McCulloch, Nellie M Parker
34. Alexander Gingell  1855 Jul-Aug-Sep Dudley Staffordshire 6c 67 Alexander Gingell, Daniel Price, Sophia Southall, Elizabeth Venables
35. Alfred Arthur Gingell  1907 Oct-Nov-Dec West Ham Essex 4a 195 Vernon De Horsoy Dowler, Alfred Arthur Gingell, Frances Elizabeth W Jones
36. Alfred Frederick Gyngell  1867 Jan-Feb-Mar Melksham Wiltshire 5a 140 Ann Batchelor, Simeon Farr, Alfred Frederick Gyngell, Eliza Hurd
37. Alfred Gingel  1883 Oct-Nov-Dec Cricklade Wiltshire 5a 72 Alfred Gingel, Eliza Jane Wiltshire
38. Alfred Gingel 1883 Oct-Nov-Dec Crickhowell Breconshire 11b 72 Alfred Gingel
39. Alfred Gingell  1856 Apr-May-Jun Cheltenham Gloucestershire 6a 657 Mary Ann Baker, John Cleary, Alfred Gingell, Mary Price
40. Alfred Gingell  1858 Jul-Aug-Sep Chippenham Wiltshire 5a 64 Jane Davis, Alfred Gingell
41. Alfred Gingell  1867 Apr-May-Jun Pancras London 1b 213 Alfred Gingell, Margaret Kennedy, William Henry Lygoe, Eliza Thomas
42. Alfred Gingell  1871 Oct-Nov-Dec Bedwellty Monmouthshire 11a 133 Alfred Gingell, Mary Jacob, Mary Ann Jones, Thomas Lewis
43. Alfred Gingell  1875 Jan-Feb-Mar Bath Somerset 5c 936 Robert Croome, Alfred Gingell, Richard Broom Hodgson, Elizabeth Slade, Sarah Tinson, Matilda Watts
44. Alfred Gingell  1875 Jan-Feb-Mar Bath Somerset 5c 956 Sarah Jane Crane, Alfred Gingell, Tom Latcham, Matilda Townsend
45. Alfred Gingell  1882 Apr-May-Jun Bath Somerset 5c 995 Alfred Gingell, George Marrs, Hannah Jane Masters, Celia Meddick
46. Alfred Gingell  1887 Jul-Aug-Sep Gloucester Gloucestershire 6a 492 Sarah Emily Ford, Alfred Gingell, Susan Oakley
47. Alfred Gingell  1888 Apr-May-Jun Cirencester Gloucestershire 6a 615 Jane Fooks, Alfred Gingell, Sarah Ann Lander, Sarah Ann Lauder, Arthur Smith
48. Alfred Gingell  1890 Apr-May-Jun Barton Regis Gloucestershire 6a 229 Elizabeth Rosina Collier, Alfred Gingell, Henry Jefferies, Henry Jeffries, Esther Short
49. Alfred Gingell  1891 Jul-Aug-Sep Marylebone London 1a 1171 John James Burl, Alfred Gingell, Florence Annie Harmer, Ruth Mary Harper
50. Alfred Gingell  1898 Jul-Aug-Sep Bradford on Avon Wiltshire 5a 239 Alfred Gingell, Emily Kate Webb
51. Alfred J Gingell  1913 Apr-May-Jun Islington London 1b 548 Alfred J Gingell, James C Gibbs, Alice M Killeen, Gertrude N Skinner
52. Alfred L Skuse  1915 Jul-Aug-Sep Chipping Sodbury Gloucestershire 6a 685 John H Gwinnell, Alice L Gingell, Gladys Pocock, Alfred L Skuse
53. Alfred T Gingell  1913 Oct-Nov-Dec Chippenham Wiltshire 5a 167 Arthur Billett, Martha Bird, Alfred T Gingell, Thomas Gingell
54. Alfred Thomas Gingell  1902 Jul-Aug-Sep Bath Somerset 5c 1065 Mary Elizabeth Burgess, Alfred Thomas Gingell, Edward Harry Howard, Edith Rose Shepherd
55. Alfred Thomas Gyngell  1909 Oct-Nov-Dec Henley Oxfordshire 3a 1757 Harry Booth, Alfred Thomas Gyngell, Lily Porter, Elizabeth Wise
56. Alfred W Taylor  1912 Oct-Nov-Dec Fulham London 1a 630 Arthur E Blackwell, Mary A Gingell, Constance H Gutteridge, Alfred W Taylor
57. Alfred William Gingell  1900 Jan-Feb-Mar Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 46 Alfred William Gingell, Mary Hart, Mark William Sellek, Lilian Sweet
58. Alfred William Gingell  1904 Jul-Aug-Sep Mile End Old Town London 1c 682 Alfred William Gingell, Jane Joyce, Amelia Tresa Maloney, Allan Nicholson
59. Alice Annie Gingell  1908 Oct-Nov-Dec Paddington London 1a 27 Alice Annie Gingell, Herbert George Lucas, Thomas Henry Matthews, Hannah Daisy Pulling
60. Alice Bertha Gingell  1899 Oct-Nov-Dec Bradford on Avon Wiltshire 5a 287 Alice Bertha Gingell, Hubert Bowyer, Fred Hart
61. Alice Elizabeth Gingell  1882 Jan-Feb-Mar London City London 1c 50 Ellen Harriet Bryant, Alfred James Emptage, Alice Elizabeth Gingell, James Henry Smith
62. Alice Elizabeth Gingell  1894 Apr-May-Jun Medway Kent 2a 921 Alice Elizabeth Gingell, Robert Lifton, Louis Walters Lower, Cecille Moffatt
63. Alice Elizabeth Gyngell  1893 Apr-May-Jun Dorchester Dorset 5a 680a Alfred William Foster, Alice Elizabeth Gyngell
64. Alice Emily Gyngell  1885 Jan-Feb-Mar Cookham Berkshire 2c 557 Alice Emily Gyngell, Henry Edward Pearce
65. Alice Florence Gingell  1896 Jul-Aug-Sep Hastings Sussex 2b 44 Eliza Gachot, Alice Florence Gingell, James Thomas Martin, George Thomas Parker
66. Alice Gingell  1849 Oct-Nov-Dec Malmesbury Wiltshire 8 657 Jane Brown, Sarah Bullock, Alice Gingell, George Ford Holbrow, Joseph Ford Holbrow, William Peter Perry, Edwin Vizard
67. Alice Gingell  1876 Oct-Nov-Dec Epping Essex 4a 175 Emma Foster, Alice Gingell, Henry John Miller, George Parish
68. Alice Gingell  1882 Apr-May-Jun Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 69 Alice Gingell, Sarah Ann Jefferies, William Thomas, John Edward Tidman
69. Alice Gingell  1883 Jan-Feb-Mar Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 85 Ann Cook, Alice Gingell, William Organ, Charles Wilkins Taylor
70. Alice Gingell  1892 Oct-Nov-Dec Malmesbury Wiltshire 5a 101 Albert Thomas Bye, Alice Gingell, Willie Matthews, Emma Jane Moody
71. Alice Gingell  1894 Jul-Aug-Sep Melksham Wiltshire 5a 205 Alice Gingell, Laura Annie Hayward, William James Locke, Albert John Missen
72. Alice Gingell  1897 Apr-May-Jun Wharfedale Yorkshire West Riding 9a 307 Sam Chippindale, Alice Gingell, Charles Edward Saville, Annie Wilkinson
73. Alice Gingell 1898 Jul-Aug-Sep West Ham Essex 4a 184 Alice Gingell, William Kelley, Kate Mary Mace, Kate Mary Mack, William John Wheeler
74. Alice Gingell  1901 Jan-Feb-Mar Mile End Old Town London 1c 473 Alice Gingell, Albert Morgan, Honorah Margaret O'Brien, Joseph Parkin
75. Alice Gingell 1901 Oct-Nov-Dec Keynsham Somerset 5c 1191 Joseph Henry Flook, Alice Gingell, William Joy, Mabel Naish
76. Alice Gingell 1902 Jan-Feb-Mar Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 324 Gilbert Clark, Alice Gingell, Ada Green, William Pruett
77. Alice Gingell 1905 Oct-Nov-Dec Epsom Surrey 2a 68 Florence Elizabeth Beams, Alice Gingell, William Kilham, John Frederick Mann
78. Alice Gingell  1913 Jul-Aug-Sep Cricklade Wiltshire 5a 103 Alice Gingell, Cuthbert S Moody, Emily S Walker, Edward E Watkins
79. Alice L Gingell  1915 Jul-Aug-Sep Chipping Sodbury Gloucestershire 6a 685 John H Gwinnell, Alice L Gingell, Gladys Pocock, Alfred L Skuse
80. Alice M Gingell 1911 Apr-May-Jun Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 3 Bindon S Mecklenburgh, Alice M Gingell, Hilda M Seymour, Reginald F Snook
81. Alice M Gingell  1915 Jan-Feb-Mar South Stoneham Hampshire 2c 156 Frederick J Eades, Rose Gates, Alice M Gingell, John Williams
82. Alice M Harrison  1914 Apr-May-Jun Epping Essex 4a 859 Frederick N Gingell, Alice M Harrison, Hermann Heinz, Gertrude Otto
83. Alice Maud Gingell  1900 Jul-Aug-Sep Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 432 Samuel Richard Bryant, Alice Maud Gingell, George Lewis, Ada Rosina Richards
84. Alice Maude R D Gingell  1901 Oct-Nov-Dec Camberwell London 1d 1529 Marion Allan, Allan Ferguson, Alice Maude R D Gingell, Edith Gingell, Charles Nicolls
85. Alice Maude R D Gingell  1901 Oct-Nov-Dec Camberwell London 1d 1523 Frederick Charles A Blanchard, Amy Gertrude Bryan, Alice Maude R D Gingell, Percy Thomas Kellaway
86. Ambrose Gingell  1880 Apr-May-Jun Barton Regis Gloucestershire 6a 182 William Charles Campbell, Ambrose Gingell, Kathleen Grant, Sarah Hallett
87. Ambrose Gingell 1902 Oct-Nov-Dec Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 424 Ambrose Gingell, Lily Julia L Hooper, Herbert George Wood, Beatrice Fanny Woodward
88. Amelia Gingell  1865 Apr-May-Jun Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 99 Lo?? Edward Brown, Amelia Gingell, John Hobbs, Elizabeth Elston James
89. Amelia Gingell  1879 Oct-Nov-Dec Barton Regis Gloucestershire 6a 272 Amelia Gingell, Arthur Slade
90. Amelia Gingell 1901 Jul-Aug-Sep Leeds Yorkshire West Riding 9b 1012 Mary Hannah Burton, Amelia Gingell, Harry Reeve, Frederick Timothy Roberts
91. Amilea Gingell 1885 Oct-Nov-Dec West Ham Essex 4a 194 Amilea Gingell, Frederick William Jarvis
92. Amy Gingell  1901 Jul-Aug-Sep Cricklade Wiltshire 5a 96 William Henry Curtis, Eliza Davis, Amy Gingell, Oliver John White, Oliver John White
93. Amy Gingell  1904 Jan-Feb-Mar Bradford on Avon Wiltshire 5a 173 Amy Gingell, William Hazell, Arthur Huddlestone
94. Amy Rosina Gingell  1905 Apr-May-Jun Bristol Gloucestershire 6a 152 Edward Richard Chudleigh, Amy Rosina Gingell
95. Amy Sophia Gingell  1898 Jan-Feb-Mar Portsea Island Hampshire 2b 634 Amy Sophia Gingell, Frederick George Jenkins, Charles Plowman, Alice Tresias
96. Ann Elizabeth Gingell  1860 Apr-May-Jun Malmesbury Wiltshire 5a 69 Thomas Drew, Ann Elizabeth Gingell
97. Ann Gingel 1837 Jul-Aug-Sep Stockton Durham 24 120 John Atkinson, Thomas Close, Alice Edwards, Ann Gingel, Ann Gingell, Ann Jaques, Thomas Lamb, Ann Milner
98. Ann Gingel  1840 Apr-May-Jun Chipping Sodbury Gloucestershire 11 277 Ann Gingel, Thomas Ship
99. Ann Gingell 1837 Jul-Aug-Sep Stockton Durham 24 120 John Atkinson, Thomas Close, Alice Edwards, Ann Gingel, Ann Gingell, Ann Jaques, Thomas Lamb, Ann Milner
100. Ann Gingell  1838 Apr-May-Jun Stroud Gloucestershire 11 465 Charlotte Banks, Thomas Leddiatt Chew, Ann Gingell, William Gleed, Mary Ann Grimes, Henry Rose, William Vallender


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