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Marriage Certificates


100.00% of names have been cross referenced to family trees included on the website, and are marked thus


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  Name Spouse's Name Marriage Date Marriage Place Father's Name Spouse's Father's Name
1. Albert Andrew Gingell  Catherine Bevan 9th January 1916 St. Mary and St. Michael's Church John Gingell (deceased) George Frederick Bevan
2. Alfred William Gingell  Amelia Teresa Maloney 25 September 1904 St Thomas Church, Stepney John Gingell (deceased) Patrick Maloney
3. Edward Hart   Susannah Elizabeth Hutchens 11 June 1848 St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney James Hart John Gingell
4. Henry Gingell  Eliza Rumley 28th October 1832 Saint Pancras
5. James Donoghue  Susannah Elizabeth Hutchens 14 June 1850 St Leonards, Shoreditch James Donoghue John Gingell
6. James Edgar Elkington  Susannah Elizabeth Hutchens 14 February 1855 Christ Church, Watney Street, Tower Hamlets James Elkington John Gingell
7. James Henry Gingell  Margaret Biggs 17th June 1878 Holy Trinity, Newington John Gingell Charles Biggs
8. James Hutchings   Susannah Elizabeth Gingell 8 March 1847 St Marys, Bermondsey James Hutchings John Gingell
9. John Gingell  Agnes Evans 14 September 1846 Christ Church, St George in the East John Gingell William Evans
10. John Gingell  Jane Emma Quarell 27 November 1871 St Thomas, Stepney John Gingell Charles Quarell
11. John Gingell  Sarah Christiane Broughton Gingell 1 February 1843 Craven Chapel, St James, Middlesex Daniel Gingell John Gingell
12. John Hopkins  Jane Elizabeth Gingell 31st July 1898 St Thomas Church, Stepney John William Hopkins (deceased) John Robert Gingell (deceased)
13. John Robert Samuel Gingell  Louisa Alice James 1st September 1895 St Andrews Church, Bethnal Green John Gingell George William James
14. Samuel Crissold Watkins  Susannah Elizabeth Hutchens 9 June 1851 St George The Martyr, Southwark Samuel Watkins John Gingell
15. Stephen Day   Susannah Elizabeth Gingle 15 September 1839 St Leonards, Shoreditch Stephen Day John Gingle


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