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London and Surrey, England, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1597-1921


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  Name Event Date Parish County Spouse's Name Event Type Reference Number Photo
1. Alice Elizabeth Gingell   9 Feb 1882 Lewisham High Road Kent James Henry Smith Allegation MS10091/259
2. Charles Thomas Gingell   19 Apr 1864 St Mary West Brompton Middlesex Catherine Sharp Allegation Ms 10091/241 PART2
3. Cornelium Gingell   29 Dec 1721 Stepney Middlesex Mary Weastwood Bond DL/A/D/24/MS10091E/34
4. Cornelius Gingell   25 Dec 1721 Stepney Middlesex Mary Weastwood Allegation DL/A/D/003/MS10091/059
5. Elizabeth Gingell   10 Sep 1749 Thomas Salmon Other CLC/199/D/011/MS09772/043
6. Elizabeth Gingell   10 Sep 1749 Thomas Salmon Bond MS9772/39
7. Elizabeth Gingell   10 Sep 1749 Westminster, St Martin In The Fields Middlesex Thomas Salmon Allegation MS9772/39
8. George Gingell   7 Jan 1918 St James Trebend Street Islington Middlesex Rose Louisa Harris Allegation MS 10091/304
9. Isaac Essington Gingell   29 Jun 1776 St Paul, Covent Garden Middlesex Rachel Amery Allegation Ms 10091/135
10. John Axford Gingell   30 May 1854 St Marylebone Middlesex Mary Jane Gould Allegation DL/A/D/009/MS10091/231/1002
11. John Gingell   25 Oct 1799 Whitechapel, St Mary Middlesex Alice Armstrong Allegation Ms 10091/177
12. John Gingle   25 Oct 1799 St Mary Whitchapel Middlesex Alice Armstrong Bond DL/A/D/24/MS10091E/112
13. John Gingle 20 Jan 1639 St Sepulchre London Whiteley Marbury Allegation MS10091/21
14. Margaret Gingell 29 Jun 1737 St Augustine London Charles Pearce Bond DL/A/D/24/MS10091E/50
15. Marie Frances Gingell   21 May 1915 St Paul Paddington Edward William Setchell Allegation DL/A/D/014/MS10091/294
16. Mary Gingel 2 Nov 1753 John Watton Allegation MS/09772/058
17. Mary Gingel 2 Nov 1753 John Watton Other MS/09772/058
18. Ricum Gingill 6 Sep 1712 Shoreditch, St Leonard Middlesex Mary Palmer Bond DL/A/D/24/MS10091E/25
19. Sarah Gingell   30 Aug 1747 Thomas Bear Bond DL/A/D/24/MS 10091E/60
20. Sarah Gingell   30 Aug 1747 Low Leyton Thomas Bear Allegation MS10091/87
21. Susanna Gingell   25 Apr 1766 Whitechapel, St Mary Middlesex Thomas Reeves Allegation MS10091/116
22. Thomas Gingell 29 Nov 1732 Hanover Square, St George Middlesex Elizabeth Daniels Allegation MS 10091/72
23. William Gingell   30 Sep 1857 Hackney Middlesex Maria Amelia Neeland Allegation MS10091/234
24. William Walter Gingell   26 Jul 1828 Islington, St Mary Middlesex Anne Somerford Allegation Ms 10091/206


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