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UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945


87.50% of names have been cross referenced to family trees included on the website, and are marked thus


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  Name Given Initials Rank Death Date Number Birth Place Residence Branch at Enlistment Theatre of War Regiment at Death Branch at Death
1. Arthur Gingell   A E Trooper 31 Oct 1944 14251072 Hampshire Hampshire Royal Armoured Corps Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45 County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) RAC Royal Armoured Corps
2. Basil Gingell   B G MC Second Lieutenant 23 May 1942 182323 Essex Essex Infantry India Essex Regiment Infantry
3. Christopher Gingell   C S Gunner 27 Nov 1942 1714916 Bristol Bristol Royal Artillery Malaya Royal Artillery Royal Artillery
4. Harold Gingell   H W Lance Corporal 1 Oct 1944 5340734 London E London E Infantry Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45 Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) Infantry
5. Lawrie Gyngell   L F Private 8 Jun 1943 5836074 Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Infantry Malaya Suffolk Regiment Infantry
6. Leslie Gingell L T Guardsman 16 Apr 1945 2666172 Bristol Bristol Foot Guards Italy Coldstream Guards Foot Guards
7. Melville Gingell   M L Gunner 11 Mar 1941 1625759 Wiltshire Wiltshire Royal Artillery United Kingdom Royal Artillery Royal Artillery
8. William Gingell   W E Private 17 Jul 1944 6215722 Bath Kent Infantry Western Europe Campaign, 1944/45 Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Infantry


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