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Wiltshire, England, Quaker Deaths, 1542-1897


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  Name Death Date Event Type Burial Date Burial City Residence Place Notes
1. Daniel Gingell   25 Jan 1697 Death Hartham
2. Hannah Gingel abt 1788 Burial 30 Mar 1788 Titherton Bowden near Laycock Wife of James
3. Jane Gingell abt 1671 Burial 10 Jul 1671 Kinton Kinton Wife of John
4. John Gingell abt 1696 Burial 22 Sep 1696 Priory St Mary, near Kington Kington St Michael
5. Mary Gingell abt 1675 Burial 26 Jul 1675 Charlcott Charlcott Dau of Edward
6. Sarah Gingell abt 1671 Burial 5 Mar 1671 Charlcott Charlcott Wife of Edward


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