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Lancashire, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1911


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  Name Birth Date Baptism Date Parish Father Mother Register Type Reference Number Photo
1. Caroline Hannah Gingell   12 Mar 1896 11 Apr 1896 Padiham, Lancashire, England George Gingell Eliza Ann Gingell Parish Registers Pr 3109/1/2
2. Fred Gingle 3 Apr 1897 Poulton-le-Sands, Lancashire, England William Gingle Mary Gingle Parish Registers Pr 3274/1/3
3. Hannah Gingel   24 Aug 1828 Liverpool, Lancashire, England William Gingel Hannah Gingel Bishop's Transcripts Drl 2/228
4. Louise Gyngell   6 Apr 1831 Liverpool, St Peter, Lancashire, England Horalio Nelson Gyngell Mary Ann Gyngell Bishop's Transcripts Drl/2/291
5. Mary Elizabeth Gingill 29 Sep 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire, England George Gingill Harriot Gingill Bishop's Transcripts Drl/2/236


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