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Great Britain, Royal Naval Division Casualties of The Great War, 1914-1924


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  Name Service Branch Unit Rank Death Date Cause of Death Burial Service History Service number Notes
1. Frank William Gingell   Royal Marine Light Infantry Chatham Bn. Private 6 Jun 1915 Missing, later reported died of wounds 6/6/15 at 1st E. Kanli Dike Gully [Kanli Dere] buried by the Rev. C.W.G. Moore, Chaplain RM Brigade Helles Memorial (MR 4) Chatham Bn. MEF 31/5/15-6/6/15 DD. CH/525/S Born November 4th 1895, in Islington, London ; Father, Frank, 5 Roseberry Square, Holborn, London.


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