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letters from the past : Joan Gingell

In 1956, aged only 15 years, Joan Gingell started writing letters to Kathleen Gingell. The letters were in response to an appeal made by Kathleen in the local press, for members of the Gingell family to come forward with details of their Gingell family history, in the hope that a connection might be found between the various branches of the Gingell family. Unfortunately, only the letters from Joan survive, and it is with the permission of Joan and the family of Kathleen, that they are reproduced here.

1st December 1956

First letter from Joan...

21st March 1957

Second letter from Joan...

No Date

Believed to be the third letter from Joan. Written in 1957 between Easter and July...

No Date

Believed to be the fourth letter from Joan. Not sure of exact date. Unfortunately, page 1 is missing...

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