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Herbert Lee Gingell

Full Name Herbert Lee Gingell
Alias Lee
Date of Birth 1960
Place of Birth Cefin Ila Hospital, Llanbadock, Monmouthshire, Wales
Father Peter Gingell
Mother Margaret Young
Siblings Tina, Teresa, David
Spouse (1 - divorced) Kathleen Mulcahy
Date of Marriage 1980
Place of Marriage Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Children John, Tara
Spouse (2) Helen Goodey
Date of Marriage 1989
Place of Marriage Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Children Victoria
Location Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Guestbook 3rd August 2004
I have over some years now thought that the Gingell name was rare, but after moving around the country and parts of the world I find that there are many more than I thought. With the help of Craig's website I have found that I come from a large family. I have added to my family tree and it's been fun and interesting.
  24th September 2004
The Gingells of Wyndham Terrace, Pontymister. If you came from Wyndham Terrace or Risca and have any info on Gingells from this area then please get in touch with me. Many thanks.
  2nd October 2004
John Gingell (my son) if you look at the website then get in touch please.
  11th October 2004
Any Gingells out there know if there is a coat of arms for the Gingell name? There are lots of coats of arms that have no meaning in their make up, but it would be nice to know if we do have a real one. Many thanks, Lee Gingell.
  24th December 2004
Merry Christmas to all Gingells around the world have a good time and stay safe.
  21st September 2005
Hello Gingells around the world, also any friends that may look at my page. By 14 February 2006 I will move to Perth, Western Australia. I will keep an eye on and let you know how things go. Any Gingells in Australia want to make contact then please do so, all the best Lee.
  23rd February 2006
Hello all Gingells round the world. I have moved to Perth, Western Australia and it is hot. Look forward to hearing from any of you anywhere and if you want any tips on moving to Oz then just ask. If I can help then I will. The web site is looking good well done Craig.
  9th January 2012
Hello all Gingells wherever you are.
Other Information I lived at 16 Wyndham Terrace until I was 26.

Winnie Gingell

Alice Hatherall with Herbert Gingell in her arms. Garry Long to her right front and Gillian Gingell right rear with Christine Reeks in her arms. 1960-61


Gingells of Upper Wyndham Terrace

Teresa Gingell, Herbert Gingell (Lee), David Gingell (Paul), and Tina Gingell.


Gingells of Upper Wyndham Terrace

Tina Gingell, David Gingell (Paul), Margaret Young (Mag), Peter Gingell (David), Teresa Gingell and Adrian Powell.


(Herbert) Lee Gingell

Herbert Gingell.

Submitted By Herbert Gingell
Last Updated 10th May 2018
Reference ID 07580

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Herbert Gingell


England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1916-2007

Name Herbert L Gingell
Registration Date 1960
Registration district Pontypool
Inferred County Gwent
Re-registration Year 1960
Mother's Maiden Name ... Young
Volume Number 8c
Page Number 402

England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005

Name Herbert L Gingell
Date of Registration Oct-Nov-Dec 1980
Registration district Newport
Inferred County Monmouthshire, Shropshire
Spouse Kathleen S Mulcahy
Volume Number 28
Page Number 0211

England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005

Name Herbert L Gingell
Date of Registration May 1989
Registration district Wellingborough
Inferred County Northamptonshire
Spouse Helen M Goodey
Volume Number 7
Page Number 3052

United Kingdom 2000 Voters Register

Voter(s) Helen M. Gingell , Lee Gingell
Location Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England
Event Date 1 Jan 2000

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