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Brittney Nicole Gingell

Full Name Brittney Nicole Gingell
Date of Birth 1988
Place of Birth Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Father ...
Mother Deborah Gingell
Siblings Terra, Krystal, Melissa, Ashleigh, Brian, Michelle
Location United States
Guestbook 1st August 2008
My name is Brittney Gingell I am 20 years old. I am just wondering if I wondering if I will be able to find any of my old ancestors on here we have a Gingell reunion once a year and would like to welcome all the Gingells to it i think it would be wonderful to see how we all connect to be one family. I am born from Deborah Gingell the children of Joseph Gingell from Baltimore, Maryland, with the aunts of Ann Marie Gingell and Patricia Gingell and uncle of Joseph Gingell 2nd. There are many more of us I have 7 sisters and 2 brothers and around about of 15 cousins and 10 neices and nephews. Please contact me if you think you fit well in this family and are a true Gingell family member would always be nice to get us all together and talk about how our ancestors make us the way we are one big Gingell family tree and one big Gingell Pride.
Submitted By Brittney Gingell
Last Updated 1st August 2008
Reference ID 06201

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Brittney Gingell


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