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William Gingell

Full Name William Gingell
Date of Birth 25th November 1812
Place of Birth Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Father William Gingell
Mother Hannah/Anna
Siblings Hanna
Spouse Mary Woodhams
Date of Marriage 1st November 1840
Place of Marriage Cumberland, New South Wales, Australia
Children Charlotte, Eliza, Henry, David, William, James, Sarah, Joseph, Stephen, Josiah, Orson, Lucy
Date of Death 12th January 1862
Place of Death Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Other Information Additional information provided by Gaye Bateman : He was sent to Australia in 1823, as part of the Third Fleet for stealing. Arrived in America in 1857. They landed in the bay of San Pedro 13th October 1857, from there they traveled to Paragonah, Iron. Came to Utah after joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints before 1860. William Gingell. We find a record at the Mitchell Library in New South Wales, Australia; a record from the ships log: "With regard to William Gingell, ship K.S. Forbes arrived 19 Feb 1830. Age 18, Religion: Protestant, Native place: Wiltshire, Trade: weaver, Offense: housebreaking, Tried: Wiltshire, Height: 5'6 1/4 ", Complexion: ruddy, Hair: dark brown, Eyes: hazel, Marks or scars: large dark mark on top of left knee." The Mitchell Library index to the Australian Newspaper (1843-1844) also contains this entry.Gingell, William, ticket of leave granted 11 Sep 1838. The Catalogue of Manuscripts (Mitchell Library) contains these entries. l. 1845 Feb. 22, Gingell, William conditional pardon recommended and confirmed 1845. 2. Gingell, William conditional pardon 2nd class 1846 28 Mar 1847. From the records written by Lucy Hannah Gingell Lennon in 1934, (the youngest child of William and Mary Ann) we get a slightly different history of William. William Gingell born in Wiltshire, England, 5 Nov. 1812. He was five years old when his father was killed in The Battle of Waterloo. He had just one sister, Hannah, after whom Lucy Hannah Gingell Lannon was named. He was serving an apprenticeship as a broadcloth weaver in England before he left and ran away to Australia. In Australia he herded sheep first and then became a drayman, owning and operating a fleet of seven drays hauling merchandise from the wharves to merchants in Australia.
  Additional information provided by Tracy Pogorelc : According to UK Prison Register; William Gingell was convicted March 1829 of house burglary in New Sarum (Salisbury) and sentenced to life via transport to New South Wales in October 1829, age listed as 19. This would make the year of his birth 1810, with this date he would have been 5 during the Battle of Waterloo (1815). His occupation at time of conviction was a "weaver". Weavers in 1829 had all but been replaced with cheaper imports that placed thousands out of work. He received a 2nd class pardon for good behavior, this meant he was unable to reside in any British territory with the exception of Australia & New Zealand. The Church of Latter Day Saints recruited members in Sydney AU in 1857 to return to Utah in a ship chartered by the church, it left June 1857 arriving in Los Angeles in October, the party stayed until spring 1858 before traveling to Paragonah, UT. While at sea William Gingell's wife Mary Ann gave birth to their son Josiah. Mary left Paragonah after Williams death going to Evanston WY & building he first home in the town. Their daughter eldest daughter Charlotte was married as a fifth wife of Orson Bennett Adams (26 years her senior) he was one of the original "quorum of 40" or church elder. Charlotte remained in her parents home and visited her husband often enough to bear him 2 children before she became disillusioned with the polygamist life and left the marriage moving to Evanston and marrying.
Submitted By Stephen Gingell
Last Updated 18th December 2009
Reference ID 00805


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