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James G. Gingell

Full Name James G. Gingell
Date of Birth circa 1817
Place of Birth
Date of Baptism 27th July 1817
Place of Baptism Wiltshire, England
Father James Gingell
Mother Elizabeth Greenman
Siblings Christian, John, George, Martha, Robert, Joanna, Joseph, Alice
Spouse Eliza Walt
Date of Marriage 1842
Place of Marriage Orion Township, Oakland County, Michigan, United States
Children Elizabeth, Jane, James, Robert, Eliza
Date of Death 4th May 1860
Place of Death
Location Alderton, Wiltshire, England ?
Other Information Further information provided by Gerald Yankie : James and his brother John traveled to the United States from Bristol on the ship Cosmo arriving in New York City on 8th May 1839.
  Additional information provided by Sandra :

John and James G. Gingell of Orion Township, Oakland Co., MI

The events surrounding the time of arrival for the first Gingell's to America were surely filled with excitement. Railroads were advancing across England, steam powered ships were in their infancy, telegrams had opened up new venues of communication, American settlements were being promoted with colorful and enticing brochures. There were opportunities available for a new beginning in a new world.

James Gingell (born 1779) died 1833 in Grittleton, Wiltshire, England (pg 17). The mother of his children, Betty struggled alone to raise the family. In 1839, perhaps intrigued by the chance for a change in lifestyle, John Gingell (pg 21), then 29 years old and the eldest child of James and Elizabeth "Betty” [Greenman] Gingell, made voyage to America with his wife, Honor Anna [Haddrill] and their infant daughter, Elizabeth. James G. Gingell (pg 57), the 5th child of James and Betty Gingell, had just turned 18 years old. James joined his brother, John and family, on the journey to America. The last known location of the John Gingell family, before coming to America, was Bremhill, Wiltshire, England where their daughter Elizabeth was born Mar 4, 1839. The four Gingell's traveled, perhaps via the Great Western Railway, about 30 miles west of their Bremhill home to the port city of Bristol, England and boarded the ship Cosmo to set sail across the Atlantic Ocean bound for America. This venture could have taken up to four weeks or more to complete aboard a sailing ship. The Cosmo was a rigged ship constructed as a single deck, sheathed in copper, with beams. The vessel had a draught under load of 17 feet. Its tonnage was 409 tons and was constructed by Bideford about the year 1825. The owners of the ship were Bushell & Co.

On May 8, 1839, the "British Ship Cosmo", guided by Master John Cumming, arrived at the "Port of New York" in New York Harbor. Here the first four Gingell's of our line set foot upon American soil. Listed on the British Ship Cosmo's manifest (pg 12), as steerage passengers, that are of interest to our family are as transcribed: J Gingell, age 30 yr.; John Gingell, age 27 yr.; Honor Gingell, age 24 yr.; and infant Gingell, age one month. No occupation was listed for any of our Gingell passengers. The estimated dates of birth listed on the Cosmo ship manifest for the Gingell's do not agree with our knowledge of births, but this is clearly our Gingell family. The infant, Elizabeth was actually a mere two months old when the Gingell's arrived in America. After their disembarkment, quarantine inspection and passing through customs, the Gingell's may have traveled out of New York Harbor and up the Hudson River by boat to Albany, NY. There they would enter the Erie Canal and continue onto Buffalo, NY to board a steam boat and cross Lake Erie to Detroit, MI. They would then work their way north over rough rails and plank roads to complete their journey to Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI where the family settled.

Of interest on this same British Ship Cosmo's manifest is a G. Gatton, listed as age 20 years and occupation of agriculturist. This G. Gatton could possibly be Giles Hatton, father of Harriet Hatton. This Harriet later became the wife of James Walt Gingell, son of James G. and Eliza [Walt] Gingell. The Giles Hatton family is found living next door to the John Gingell family during the 1850 US Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI census (pg 25).

The Gingell's surely were amazed at the lands and waters that they traveled across to get to their destination of Orion. What wonders were racing through their minds? We do not know just what our first Gingell's may have endured, but immigration and early settler stories are filled with hardships and disappointments. It took a strong will and constitution to survive. Once at their Orion destination, they found a land amassed with trees, lakes, marshes and Indians. Barely established was a town consisting of a few buildings along with lumber and grist mills in the surrounding area. It would still be awhile before a physician, post office or school would come to Orion. It was nothing like the impressive, colorful brochures that had been passed around by the developers to entice new settlers to the area. These brochures, known as "Paper Cities", were used to show how an area might develop.

The 1840 US Federal Census, dated June 1840 for Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 23), lists J Gingell. This family is that of John and Honor Anna [Haddrill] Gingell with their daughter, Elizabeth. The J. Gingell household, is listed as: 1 male age 20 and under age 30; 1 female under age 5; 1 female age 20 and under age 30. The total in the household was three with one being employed in agriculture. This 1840 US Census record is the only Gingell record found in the Oakland Co., MI area for that census year. The 1840 US census lists only the head of household. Possibly James Gingell is living with another family at the time of the census, thus his name would not appear on the census record. It is not known, at this date of writing, exactly where in Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI that the family of John or James resided just after their arrival to Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI or at the time of the 1840 census.

Nov 10, 1840, Isaac Haddrill, brother of Honor Anna [Haddrill] Gingell, purchased original land patent for 40 acres of land in section 21 of Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 60). It is written in the 1903 Michigan History book that Isaac Haddrill came from Bremhill, Wiltshire, England to Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI. He managed, by shear will, to survive a serious shipwreck on his voyage to America in the same year of 1839 that the Gingell's arrived.

Sept 24, 1842, James G. Gingell married Eliza Walt, daughter of William and Elizabeth [Porritt] Walt. William Walt purchased original land patent for 120 acres of land in sections 15 & 22 of Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI on May 3, 1837 (pg 60). Sisters of Eliza Walt, that came to America, married into the Berridge and Porritt families of the Orion area.

On July 10, 1844 James Gingell of Oakland County, MI purchased, possibly at the price of a mere $1.25 per acre, original land patent for 40 acres through the General Land Office of Detroit, Wayne Co., MI (pg 59). The legal description is as follows: The South West quarter of the South West quarter of Section ten, in Township four North, of Range ten East, in the District of Lands subject to sale at Detroit, Michigan, containing forty acres. This described 40 acres of land was nestled at the SW edge of Elkhorn Lake, just east of the NE intersection of present day Clarkston and Joslyn Roads, Lake Orion, Oakland Co., MI. For the first time, the location of one of the Gingell brothers in Orion Township is known.

For the 1845 Michigan State Census, John Gingell is found in the Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI area (pg 24). John is listed with 2 males under 10, 1 male age 21 to under 45, 1 female age under 10 and one female age 21 to under 45. By the time of the 1850 US Federal Census, John and Honor Anna have children: Elizabeth - age 11, John - age 8, Joseph - age 4 and Caroline - age 1. For the 1845 Michigan State Census, James G. Gingell (age about 27 years) is still found in the Clarkston Road farm area, section 10 of Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 61). James is listed with 1 male under 10, 2 males age 10 to under 21, 1 male 21 to under 45, 2 females under 10 and 1 female 21 to under 45. Several others are living with James G. and Eliza Gingell, but it is unclear just who they are or their exact ages. By the time of the 1850 US Federal Census, James G. and Eliza Gingell only have two living children, Elizabeth, age 5 and James, age 4 (pg 62).

Mildred Gingell, daughter of Walter and Edith Gingell (pg 95), wrote in her family history that John and James G. Gingell were naturalized in 1846 as US citizens.

John Gingell and James G. Gingell appear with their families on the 1850 US Census for Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI, in separate households. John (pg 25) is a farmer with real estate value of $1, 250. James G. (pg 62) is a farmer with real estate value of $1, 000 located on the farm on Silverbell Road, Sections 26/27, Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI. It is still unclear as to where the land of John Gingell was located at in Orion.

James G. Gingell died May 4, 1860 in Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI. He is buried at Square Lake Cemetery located on Joslyn Road, Lake Orion, Oakland Co., MI (pg 58). His widow, Eliza and family appear in the 1860 US Census for Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI, on May 15, 1860 (pg 63). Eliza is listed as farmer with real estate value of $4, 000 and personal estate value of $800. Sometime after the death of James G. Gingell and after 1865, Eliza [Walt] Gingell married Job Haddrill. He was brother to Honor Anna [Haddrill] Gingell. Honor Anna was wife of John Gingell (born 1810). Job and Eliza Haddrill most likely resided on land in Section 27 of Orion Township after their marriage. By the time that the 1872 plat map (pg 27) was published for Orion Twp., the 40 acres of land that James G. Gingell purchased in 1844 was in the hands of A. H. (A. Haddrill). After her June 23, 1891 death, Eliza [Walt] [Gingell] Haddrill was buried at Square Lake Cemetery (pg 58).

John Gingell and family appear on the 1860 US census for Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 26). John is shown as farmer, owning real estate valued at $3, 000 and personal estate value of $800. John Gingell is not found in the 1870 census. Appearing on the 1872 Plat map for Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 27), John Gingell is found in section 17 owning 222 acres of land. This is the first land record located showing the actual location of John Gingell in Orion. John's son, James R. Gingell is shown owning 80 acres just north of his father’s land.

Honor Anna [Haddrill] Gingell died July 8, 1874 in Orion Township and was buried at Square Lake Cemetery, Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 22). For the 1880 US Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI Census (pg 28), John appears as farmer with wife "Hannah". Apparently, John married sometime after the death of Honor Anna to Hannah.

John Gingell, died April 20, 1883 in Orion Township and was buried at Square Lake Cemetery, Orion Twp., Oakland Co., MI (pg 22). His stone has fallen and is nearly unreadable at this writing.
Submitted By Yolanda Edler
Last Updated 1st June 2015
Reference ID 00630


Wiltshire, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1916

Name James Gingell
Gender Male
Baptism Date 27 Jul 1817
Baptism Place Alderton, Wiltshire, England
Parish as it Appears Alderton
Father James Gingell
Mother Betty Gingell

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