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1901 census


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Address High Canfold (Farm House), Cranleigh, Cranley, Hambledon, Surrey
Source 1901 Census - PRO Ref Rg13 Piece 619 Folio 60 Page 8.
Name William Child 
Place of Birth Shere, Surrey
Condition Widower
Age 57
Date of Birth (circa) 1844
Sex M
Relationship Head
Occupation Labourer On Farm
Name Marion Child 
Place of Birth Albury, Surrey
Condition Single
Age 19
Date of Birth (circa) 1882
Sex F
Relationship Daughter
Occupation Housekeeper Domestic
Name Herbert Child 
Place of Birth Albury, Surrey
Condition Single
Age 16
Date of Birth (circa) 1885
Sex M
Relationship Son
Occupation Labourer On Farm
Name Hellen Child 
Place of Birth Albury, Surrey
Condition Single
Age 14
Date of Birth (circa) 1887
Sex F
Relationship Daughter
Name Alfred Child 
Place of Birth Albury, Surrey
Condition Single
Age 12
Date of Birth (circa) 1889
Sex M
Relationship Son
Name Kate Gingell 
Place of Birth Albury, Surrey
Condition Married
Age 30
Date of Birth (circa) 1871
Sex F
Relationship Daughter
Occupation Soldiers Wife
Name Hilda M Gingell 
Place of Birth Stoke, Somersetshire
Condition Single
Age 2
Date of Birth (circa) 1899
Sex F
Relationship Grand Daughter
Reference ID 1901-00343

The 1901 Census was taken on the night of Sunday 31st March 1901.

The following information was recorded in the schedules about each dwelling and person residing there on the night of the census:

  • the address
  • whether the dwelling was "inhabited" or "uninhabited" or "building"
  • the number of rooms occupied, if less than five
  • name and surname of each person residing at the dwelling on the night of the census
  • relationship of each person to the head of the family
  • each person's marital status ("condition as to marriage")
  • age at last birthday and sex
  • profession, or occupation
  • whether someone was an employer, a worker or "own account"
  • whether working at home
  • where born, parish and county (or if born outside of England or Wales, just the country)
  • whether they were "blind", or "deaf and dumb" or "lunatic" or "imbecile, feeble minded"
  • in Wales and the Isle of Man, the language spoken

The information collected was the same as in 1891 apart from one extra detail, whether someone was working at home. Also the language spoken question was extended to include the Isle of Man as well as Wales.

The 1901 census was the first to be completely transcribed as it became available to the public (well that was the plan but the public demand overwhelmed the Qinetiq developed web site so it was about six months before it became generally available). The site has since been sold to Genes Reunited.

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