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1871 census


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Address The Barrow, Nymphsfield, Dursley, Gloucestershire
Source 1871 Census - RG10 piece 2593 folio 20 page 2
Name William Gingell 
Place of Birth Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, England
Condition Married
Age 53
Date of Birth (circa) 1818
Sex M
Relationship Head
Occupation Carpenter
Name Anna Gingell 
Place of Birth Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, England
Condition Married
Age 58
Date of Birth (circa) 1813
Sex F
Relationship Wife
Occupation Post Mistress
Name Eliza A. Gingell 
Place of Birth Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, England
Condition Unmarried
Age 31
Date of Birth (circa) 1840
Sex F
Relationship Daughter
Reference ID 1871-00038

The 1871 Census was taken on the night of Sunday 2nd April 1871.

The following information was recorded in the schedules about each dwelling and person residing there on the night of the census:

  • the address
  • whether the dwelling was "inhabited" or "uninhabited or building"
  • name and surname of each person residing at the dwelling on the night of the census
  • relationship of each person to the head of the family
  • each person's marital status ("condition")
  • age and sex
  • rank, profession, or occupation
  • where born, parish and county (or if born outside of England or Wales, just the country)
  • whether they were "blind", or "deaf and dumb" or "imbecile or idiot" or "lunatic"

The information collected was the same as in 1861 apart from the column recording whether someone was "Blind" or "Deaf and Dumb" where two extra options were given, "Imbecile or Idiot" or "Lunatic".

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